If we know that we need to fix our eyes upon Jesus, that there’s scarcely anything more important than trusting him, and if we believe that we can’t do what God has asked without Jesus, then why don’t we keep our eyes fixed upon him? Perhaps I’m making an incorrect assumption that most of us don’t keep our eyes firmly fixed on Christ, so let me speak for myself. I don’t.

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He's Enough

Our Christianese language loves phrases like, “Jesus is all,” “Jesus is everything,” and “Jesus is all sufficient.” But how intently do we focus on the reality of these statements? How fully do we understand them? How fully do they define our lives?

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Responding to Christmas

You might think Christmas is one of the easiest days to preach. The material is generally predetermined. I imagine the majority of preachers will preach on, you know, the Christmas story, being that it’s Christmas and all. The birth of Jesus is one of the most prolific and momentous events in human history, and it makes sense that we’d focus on it at least once a year as a church. But if we’re to focus on the same narrative, the same sections of Scripture once a year on whatever Sunday is nearest Dec. 25, should we just recycle the same old sermon every year?You might think Christmas is one of the easiest days to preach. 

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Blue jeans, hymns, and the KJV

With a high likelihood that Venture will have people who’ve never been there before this Easter, I’ve been thinking about what they’ll experience with us. Most of the things that consume our thoughts surrounding the visitor experience are mere preferences.

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Facebook gods

It’s nice to see so much mention of God on Facebook. Sometimes.

I don’t mind seeing expressions of faith from my friends and family, but sometimes what I read gives me pause.

A few days ago, I saw an image making the rounds. I don’t remember what the picture was, but the words caught my attention.

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